I'm very excited to post my first entry here, and although these blog posts will mainly recap our weekly projects, this one will be a little more of a history. A brief history. It's been an awesome ride, I started this production company about 3 years ago and ever since day-one it was all about the work and the clients. A pretty obvious statement, I know, it is the truth though. I had left my job at an agency in order to pursue projects I was passionate about and here we are. We really do have the coolest clients and we do some pretty amazing stuff. The diversity of our team gives us the ability to do just about anything; the size of our core team and network allow us to be nimble and precise, and most importantly, selective. We each bring a passion and skill set that not only complement one another but also drive one another. We love being challenged by our clients to tell their stories; we love using new technology to tell their stories; we love pushing the envelope; and most of all, we love to create. I guess you can say we are a loving bunch. We really do consider our clients to be our family, not just because they put a roof over our heads and food on our table, but because their story is our story and our story is theirs. At the core of this family is the greatest team in the world, and you can read about us here.

Occasionally we judge, especially J$'s love of the pc...

That's it for this entry, although we did have a jam-packed week of filming a "day in the life" piece; we churned out a few news packages; captured a few portraits; got some great DC rooftop time-lapse footage; and had an awesome day of filming at GW. More on our work next time. Until then, check out our webpage, Facebook YouTube Channel and Flickr.

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