Another week in the books.

This week flew by and not because we were out filming every day - on the contrary, we spent all week doing everything else. It dawned on me just how busy we were when at lunch on Wednesday, Nora said to me " I don't even remember what I had for dinner last night, never mind what happened on Monday." We spent much of the week crafting stories, editing footage, retouching photos and of course filming and photographing. Early in the week J$ was hacking up some awesome pieces for our friends over at CARFAX, which included footage of a car damaged in Hurricane Sandy (expect those to air nationally this week!). The Norinator was reviewing our footage from GW and compiling, as usual, a compelling and entertaining story that will surely showcase how awesome GW is. Our "miracle intern" got her first taste of a "paper edit" when she worked with me on compiling a story from transcripts for one of our healthcare clients, which by the way is the best place to start when you have a lot of footage. After the halfway point, we began pre-production on some upcoming PSA's; began to gather assets for an animated piece we are working on; and then filmed a music video. Not a bad week.
On top of that, Nora put together our greatest GoPro "misses" if you will. Sure those little cameras capture awesome footage, but at the start and end of almost every video there are a few frames of one of us turning it on. Give this video a look and you'll see exactly what I mean. 

Anthony IstricoComment