Wow, this week was jamming!

This week was jammed! Monday started with a bang as we edited a music video, which was awesome! Tuesday followed suit when our good buddy, Bill Zimmer from CARFAX, spent the day with us knocking out an app video showcasing how CARFAX not only has an awesome product, but also how their products are on every platform. For J$ this was an opportunity to do some animation which made him very, very happy. Nora, our chief story teller, among her diverse of talents, spent the early part of the week putting together some collateral for Istrico Productions. Long overdue, I know, but we have been so busy this was the first chance we had to talk about ourselves a little. 

Tuesday was also the first day of pre-production with my good buddy, Heather Phibbs, at Habitat For Humanity of Washington DC, as we prepared for our PSA's and a video series.  

Wednesday found J$ color matching our new cameras in preparation for a multi-camera shoot coming up at Verisign (really, J$ just likes to mess with the gear). By the time Wednesday wrapped, I had knocked out a few radio spots; inserts for an audio book; and locked in two new projects. Meanwhile, Nora moved on from our collateral and was working on an animated deck for a new client; yes, we do that too.  

Marina, our rock star intern, went on a site visit with me on Thursday, scouting locations for an upcoming shoot, while Nora and J$ were at CARFAX filming some interviews.  

Friday, thankfully brought no relief with J$ and I back at CARFAX to film more interviews, followed by J$ editing and delivering the video we just finished shooting. Another awesome week in the books - we love our clients!


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