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The Team


Anthony Istrico

Anthony Istrico has an agency background with an entrepreneurial history. Nearly ten years of filming, editing and production experience, along with a driven and zealous personality, have given him a true edge in the industry. While behind the camera, Anthony is always envisioning the final product, which makes his shooting style unique, effective and creative. His talents and energy are unique and infectious, which is evident from the long list of devoted clients he has accumulated over the years. If not at the studio or on location, Anthony is probably busy shopping on Amazon, dining out at the best new restaurants in town with his lovely wife Heather, or planning his next world adventure.

Nora Kubach

Nora Kubach came to Istrico Productions from the agency world, so naturally she has a deep affinity for process, lengthy meetings and time sheets. Luckily, prior to her agency life, Nora was in NYC training as an actor and working in the theater world. It’s this influence and passion that makes her such a talented creative. She has an eye for clean design and a special way of delivering a client’s message that is not only pointed, but also entertaining and moving. Nora can find or create compelling stories where no one else sees them. Nora’s energy and excitement is evident in all that she does. When not working, she can likely be found at any theater, gallery or park exploring her surroundings, taking photos, and simply enjoying life.



Jared Groneman

Jared Groneman brings a highly technical background to the team. As an IT professional in his past life, J$ was (and still is) an inquisitive problem solver. But passion eventually won over practical ability, and to the benefit of Istrico Productions he left NY and the IT world to move to DC in pursuit of something he loves: being creative. Although Jared still handles a good portion of Istrico’s technical production, he is an amazingly talented cameraman/photographer and a highly creative editor. J$ has been working to streamline every process and although each production is wildly different, through his systematic approach every production is also wildly effective. J$ can always be found behind his Canon, or watching a sci-fi flick, or running away from hoards of confused David Duchovny fans.

Marco Duran

Marco discovered Istrico Productions through Craigslist, so we still aren’t sure if he was looking for a missed connection or a job, either way, we are very excited to have his creative eye on the team! When shooting, Marco has the ability to find a shot in any setting, when editing, he brings the story to life through a combination of technical skill and artistry. When not creating awesome content for our awesome clients, he is exploring the live music scene and consuming as many cheesesteaks as possible, to compile what we can only assume is a detailed cheesesteak review blog.



Brianna Stimpson

Brianna has travelled the globe honing her craft and telling stories. While her career began at New York Public Radio and later to NPR, she has found her niche in the visual realm, crafting brilliant pieces that express the passion and mission of our clients. Brianna brings a level of intensity and passion that inspires us all. Her knowledge, compassion and life experience give her a fantastic foundation fro crafting stories, while her eye and creativity make her the perfect producer who also knows her way around a camera.

Gavin Dubois

Gavin brings to our team a level of technical mastery that is truly unmatched. His deep knowledge of technology ensures that we are always operating at 100%, with his drive being the desire to ensure we capture every moment, every time.

When not maintaining and managing our equipment, Gavin spends his time editing.



Lionel Istrico

Lionel joined us in July of 2016. Lionel came to Istrico Productions when he rescued Anthony & Heather, he very quickly realized that there was way too much productivity taking place and plenty of willing people to pet him, so he started showing up everyday.

Lionel's charm, easy going demeanor and ability to make everyone and every situation better is a real plus. When not yawning, looking for love (in ALL the places), sleeping, snacking or walking the streets of Del Ray, you can find Lionel underfoot or in Anthony's shadow.